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Quilt Retreat

Hello Everyone,

I know this is short notice but we are planning a quilt retreat for the weekend of May 5-10. Yes I know it's Mother's Day weekend. They have changed the price and it is $30.00 per person per day which is absolutely wonderful.

Please give me a call if interested in going. My house phone is on the fritz so call my cell at 315-783-9153 if you would like to sign up.


Twin Art and Stitch Experience

Judy Allen and Joanne Flood, certified Art and Stitch teachers, the first in the United States, are teaming up to bring A&S, as well as Judy's Feather designing and Curved Cross Hatching, around the country as well as internationally. We will be offering various teaching packages that include basic instruction to the advanced digitizing techniques.

Judy will be teaching her famous feather designing procedures, showcasing her curved cross hatching, framework and bridgework skills. As a feather pattern designer, she has found how wonderful her designing tools and techniques are greatly complimented by the three point arc drawing tool within the program. Students will first learn to draw designs on paper, equipping the designer to learn how the feathers move and flow along a centerline. With the various design exercises presented, students will then be able create within the program itself.

Joanne's focus will center on teaching the basics of A&S, and the concept of digitizing. Students will become familiar with the design page, learning the various functions of the tool bars and buttons. They will also learn to draw, trace, create and organize the designs within the program, ultimately resulting in sewing out your finished designs. The Advanced classes moves into applying the special functions of the program. You will learn creative fills, motifs, quilt layout, design on a path, power copying and much more.  She will also be assisting Judy with teaching students with the feather designing and digitizing.

If you would like to host a class in your area or custom arrange a teaching package please contact Joanne Flood at: jflood002@rochester.rr.com or phone 585-260-7543 or Judy Allen: juditha@ymail.com or 315-788-7349 or 315-783-9153.

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